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C2M Value

The true value of C2M is to further automate an organization’s complex business processes through the new found world of IoT and connectability while remaining totally agile and friendly to change. The three layered platform allows for dynamic connectivity to any data source, comprehensive insight into big data through user-friendly dashboards and true automation of processes through event management and customizable workflows.

“By 2020, there will be 12.5 billion devices globally connecting
machine to machine, up from 1.3 billion devices today”


C2M’s wizard-based connectivity layer dynamically and securely connects to any data source and normalizes all data to allow for real-time comparison and mashing.

All Data Sources APIs, DBs, sensors, devices, platforms, flat files and more
Device Connectivity Supports all major Radio Connectivity, Mobile connectivity and Protocols
Wizard Based Codeless, dynamic connectiviy


Big Data storage and Analytics provides valuable insight into all integrated and connected aspects of an organization or system. C2M’s Analytic layer provides a simple drag and drop visualization and real-time analytic feed builder. The layer also contains a highly scalable event creator that connects directly to the workflow layer.

Big Data Data normalization and anlytics engine
Predictive Analysis Analyze historic patterns with machine learning, data mining and predictive modeling
Event Engine Create events that can coordinate with Workflow layer
“According to International Data Corporation (IDC), the global market for IoT
would be $9.5 Trillion by 2020. Sign-up today to start the revolution.”


The Workflow layer makes value of all connected data sources and analytics by applying process automation to existing or new events. Rule generation and workflow can be generated and modified using a simple drag and drop interface. Process changes and optimization becomes more ideal and easier than ever.

Actionable Data Integrate humans, systems and machines in the same process
Modeling Ability to model complex processes rather than build from the ground up
Application Layer Easily integrate into customized applications

Companies and Channels available on the Platform

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